Turó Park Medical Center

Turó Park Medical Center serves and welcomes an international and cosmopolitan clientele in the upper part of Barcelona. As dentistry is one of the Centre’s main services, this is where we decided to focus all our inspiration and efforts.

Visiting the dentist makes most people nervous so, to help patients relax, we created a cozy, welcoming waiting room using warm, natural materials. In addition, we transformed the consultation room ceilings by using a white, shiny finish which reflects the exterior, thereby allowing patients to be distracted and entertained.


Textured glass was used to allow natural light throughout the space, while granting privacy to the clinic. This, added to the bright white ceilings, bestows a particular width and light to the area, while creating a spacious and comfortable sensation for the patient.


Isabel López
Jordi García
Nuria Ballesteros
Carlos Rodríguez


Madeleine Smit


Luis Hevia


133 m2


Francesc Pérez Cabrero, 19-21


Miguel del Río, S.A. y Ritortell, S.L.