The Art of Living. Frigicoll

Product as artwork, and viceversa 

This Madrid-based company, Frigicoll, with more than 50 years’ experience in the field of high-end domestic appliances, commissioned us to create its first showroom in one of the most important shopping areas of Madrid, the neighborhood of Salamanca. The project was named The Art of Living, or TAOL.

The main premise was to give importance to the products shown as if they were works of art. To this end, we designed a gallery-type space where the customer can see all the products on display and also take delight in a different style of exhibition.

A large LED backdrop display welcomes us into an informal meeting space, while hinting at the exhibition that is parallel to the main façade. Taking advantage of large windows, the interior of the showroom works as a showcase, while the choice of materials, retro-illuminated elements and the use of indirect lighting provide an impressive spectacle.

In the center of the premises we created a cultural space, arranged into a multidisciplinary room, a tasting room and a show-cooking zone. A theatrical space is presented as one of the most unique areas; the tasting and meeting room being separated from the rest of the premises by two large curtains made of natural thread. The show-cooking zone is an innovative idea, and was created to enable the products displayed to be seen in full use by professional chefs.

A welcoming atmosphere that offers warmth, elegance and relaxation has been created out of a unique shopping experience in a rule-breaking space. All this is thanks to carefully considered lighting, designed purposefully for these premises, and used together with a combination of materials such as wood, iron, lacquered glass and brass, all contextualized in a space of industrial and contemporary character.


Isabel López

Miquel Camps

Marta Alonso

Jordi García

Carlos Rodríguez 

Núria Ballesteros

Xavier Escriu


The Art of Living. Frigicoll


Alejo Bagué


630 m2


Villanueva, 36, Madrid