Meet the second generation of Barcelona’s first Indian Restaurant

The remodeling strategy included eliminating a number of preexisting elements such as walls and ceilings, in order to take advantage of the industrial atmosphere of the space. The potential of the premises could be seen even in its original state: a chain of connected spaces grouped together in a large hall. As part of the refurbishment, the ceilings were all painted white to create homogeneity, while the walls were treated with different finishes to create distinct ambient spaces.

The esthetic was based on a folk-style India, the India of the people. The bars recall street food carts, the walls are worn, stamped sheet metal is used as partitions, while woodwork is finished with textured tin coatings and splashes of color come in the form of electrical cables and bright wall coverings.


Isabel López
Miquel Camps
Marta Alonso
Jordi García
Outro Studio (Graphic Designers)




Alejo Bagué


345 m²


Calle Aragó 8, Barcelona