Suite Hostelco

A unique experience of being close to nature

We recreated a beach holiday hotel at the Hostelco trade fair, aimed at offering an experience of contact with nature.

The objective of this hotel project was to offer guests a peaceful, high quality and aesthetically pleasing stay; accommodation where the client feels as cherished and enveloped as if in the comfort of a big hotel. We wanted guests to experience the closest thing to being in the heart of nature, without foregoing the comforts offered by a grand hotel.

Inspiration for the design came from not only the color of sand, beach views and crystalline waters, but also from blue sky merging with the horizon; each detail carefully chosen to bring warmth and elegance to the client’s stay.

Soft, natural materials such as aged woods and natural fabrics were used, contrasting with strong, resistant materials of wrought iron, tiled cladding and cement flooring.

Such attention to detail gives rise to a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere which generates a great sense of wellbeing; every aspect of the room carefully thought through to elevate the guest’s stay to a unique and highly aesthetic experience.


Isabel López
Jordi García

Nina Sundberg

Carlos Rodríguez

Clara Barcelos




Jose Hevia


80 m2