Soleo Marbella Beach Club

A gastronomic delight by the sea 

Soleo Marbella Beach Club was commissioned by Hotel Fuerte Marbella, an enchanting and well-positioned accommodation just a short walk from the Old Town.

Taking advantage of its 60th anniversary, this emblematic hotel wanted to change both the image and menu of its new restaurant, Soleo Marbella Beach Club.

Our starting point for the project was the year 1957 when Marbella was just a small fishing village. José Luque, founder of Fuerte Group Hotels, decided to open the very first hotel in the center of Marbella, right by the beach. Due to the seafaring elements of the time, it was a typically Mediterranean-inspired space.

Our intention behind the restaurant design was to have mirrors marking out the space and reflecting back the magic of the water surrounding the diners, thereby allowing enjoyment of the sea-view from any angle. We designed ceramic-coated tabletops; and to create an authentic environment in harmony with nature, a hexagonal mosaic floor, brown and reddish colors reminiscent of the light at dusk, nautical fabrics and striped prints reminding us of summer.

Boundaries between the interior and exterior space disappear due to the decor that resembles a boat. Diners can enjoy two ambiences; one inside where the central theme depends upon the Iroko wood furniture, and another which gives the opportunity to dine while enjoying the authentic exterior. To be sheltered by sail-shaped awnings, along with the gentle lap of the waves, makes for a genuine seafaring experience.


Isabel López

Jordi García

Roc Isern

Núria Ballesteros


Grupo El Fuerte


Fernando Alda


170 m2


Av. Duque de Ahumada, Marbella


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