Fire & Bread Restaurant

Fire & Bread is located in La Roca del Vallés shopping centre near Barcelona, and is part of the Eat & Out group.

This restaurant gives a face to the new gastronomic trend of ‘fast-casual’ in a chilled-out space surrounded by beautiful olive trees.

For this restaurant, it was important to offer diners the opportunity to get fast food - based on the new gastronomic model - which offers a complex menu but with local flavours and products.

With this objective in mind, we chose elegant and high quality materials - ceramic tile, iron and solid wood - in contrast to the fresh eco-friendly aspect of corrugated sheet on the walls.

Our concept was also inspired by the fire embers traditionally used for cooking, which are referenced in colours used throughout the restaurant - red and coal black.

Addressing the areas of food distribution, we created two large bars, one being for snacks and the other for the restaurant. We placed these strategically on both sides of the main space and at right angles to each other, to allow the fluid movement of customers to be generated from anywhere in the room.

Scandinavian-style furniture with walnut wood finish lends an air of sophistication, and creates a comfortable atmosphere for customers to enjoy their food in a casual and relaxed environment.


Isabel López
Jordi García

Carlos Rodríguez

Marc Tomás

Núria Ballesteros

Clara Barcelos


The Eat Out Group


Salva López


250 m²


Centro Comercial La Roca del Vallés


Shorlisted of Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2019