Turó Park Medical Center

A stress-free medical center

Turó Park Medical Center focus in attending a more international and cosmopolitan patients on the highest part of Barcelona. As odontology is one of its main services, that’s where we aimed our inspiration and efforts.

Going to the dentists can make us a bit edgy. In order to try to take away the tension, we created a cozy, welcoming waiting room using warm and natural materials. We also transformed the ceiling in a mirror, a door to the outside world using shiny, bright, materials so it would distract them, taking their minds off what’s going on the chair for a little bit.

The textured glass on the windows made that the natural light filled the whole space at the same time it gave privacy too. This summed to the shiny white ceiling creates an ample and bright area giving it a blend of clean and at the same time intimate feeling.


Isabel López
Jordi García
Nuria Ballesteros
Carlos Rodríguez


Madeleine Smit


Luis Hevia


133 m2



Francesc Pérez Cabrero, 19-21


Miguel del Río, S.A. y Ritortell, S.L.