The Art of Living. Frigicoll

Product as artwork, and viceversa 

The Art of Living (TAOL) is project thought to give the people who are always looking for the extraordinary their place; it’s the first showroom for high-end home appliance in the heart of Salamanca, one of Madrids most luxurious neighborhood.

The starting point was inspiring: place the products as they were precious artworks. So we could fit every appliance we came up with a space that resembles and art gallery where the client can relate to the product in a different way. Letting himself go throughout an amazing and inspiring place.

One of TAOLs unique traits is its warm and calming atmosphere. It makes that each interaction, each experience the clients have is a special one. The light, thoroughly thought, blends perfectly with the wood, the iron, the lacquered glass and the brass giving perfect harmony to a industrial and contemporary space.


Isabel López

Miquel Camps

Marta Alonso

Jordi García

Carlos Rodríguez 

Núria Ballesteros

Xavier Escriu


The Art of Living. Frigicoll


Alejo Bagué


630 m2


Villanueva, 36, Madrid