Soleo Marbella Beach Club

A gastronomic delight by the sea 

Based in Marbella, Soleo is a restaurant just a few steps from both, the old town and the sea. You can feel its mediterranean and sailorly vibes through its surroundings as well as its menu.

We decided to approach this project going back to 1957, when Marbella was only a small fishing village with a magical aura. We wanted to bring up this mediterranean feeling to the furniture so it would mix perfectly with the nautical fabrics and the stripped prints. An allusion to summer, its warmth and the sea.

We managed to make the boundaries between the inside and the outside of the restaurant disappear through the decoration that resembles a classic and elegant ship. It makes the diners drown themselves on the mediterranean cuisine and on the jaw dropping views, reflected through the mirrors that surround the new Soleo.


Isabel López

Jordi García

Roc Isern

Núria Ballesteros


Grupo El Fuerte


Fernando Alda


170 m2


Av. Duque de Ahumada, Marbella


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