Sant Gervasi

A home where light and air roam free

This penthouse is in the heart of Barcelona and has an amazing view of the sea, the city and the mountains.

This project was an interesting challenge, especially regarding its lighting and space which turned out to be the focus of our work where we were very thorough. We decided to turn the dark corridor, with no views or windows into a bright space, filled with natural light which became the base of our project.

Another interesting aspect of this project is the contrast between old and new elements. Their harmony brings out the penthouse identity and history. Old doors, weathered walls and boiserie play with the iron and the urban contemporary furniture. And the new distribution adapted to the way of living, placing the kitchen in its main area, close to the terrace.

The result is a spacious, comfortable and sophisticated home filled with natural light and with an interior that showcases its taste and charm.


Isabel López

Miquel Camps

Jordi García

Carlos Rodríguez

Núria Ballesteros

Nina Moix




Salva López


400 m2